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Finale: Act One


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Ladies and gentlemen, this is Finale. A magazine for theatre lovers who spend more time near a stage than their bank accounts would probably like. Be it in front of the curtain, in the wings, or part of the audience, Finale speaks to all those fascinated by this incredible artform. It will inspire you through interviews. It will educate you through debates. It will make you smile through the passion that we share. Now, get ready, take your seats and switch off your mobile phones. We’re on in five.

Bootleg 101
Rob Howell
Ticklist, Checklist, Go-Here-Next List
London’s Best Fringe
Glenn Waldron
Serial Bawler
The Theatre Café
Blah Blah Land
Ugh, an Understudy?
Time Tunnel of Costume
Glenn Waldron’s 'Natives'
A Study in Stage
The Theatre A-Z